• Tecnifibre Triax 1.33mm 12.2m Set Natural Tennis String

Triax, the first co-polyester multifilament Tecnifibre's first multi-filament co-polyester tennis string, Triax, offers an answer to the following question: How can we guarantee that high performance players will be able to maintain a consistent and deep ball length throughout their match, while at the same time providing a firm feel to generate spin and a very good durability? This string offers: A superior level of durability, thanks to the Co-polyester material used for the first time in a multifilament. A higher level of arm protection, thanks to the use of Polyurethane (HD) which is 100% flexible. A superior level of spin, directly related to the highest level of firmness in a multifilament. Welcome to Triax! String made in France. Co-Polyester (T.P.I): Provides an extra firm feel and increased durability. Polyamide material selection: generates tolerance for off-centre hits. PU HD: 100% elasticity to match the stiffness of polyester. It will provide extra comfort.  S.P.L Coating: Anti-abrasion coating for more resistance. It also guarantees good slipperiness to ensure the "snap back" which provides more lift. MOST RECENT PRODUCT ON THE MARKET Developed in 2019, it benefits from the latest improvements and factory settings.

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Tecnifibre Triax 1.33mm 12.2m Set Natural Tennis String

  • Brand: Tecnifibre
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